Alpaca & Blended Yarns

Stock Service Michell Peru A/W 16-17

Our passion for providing the very best in client service has allowed us to offer a wide variety of yarns under the Stock Service Peru in which 8 qualities are currently on offer in a comprehensive range of classical and fashionable colours. This season we are renewing our cards with more items which we hope will be of great help and inspiration. 

Discover the yarns on offer under Stock Service Peru Michell A/W 16-17 in the following Colour Cards:


Alpaca & Blends

Michell Stock Service Peru Card

Alpaca & Blends

Michell Stock Service Peru Card

We have selected an exclusive line of pure Alpaca, Alpaca blends and wools in natural colours and dyes for Stock Service which we recommend for hand knitting and weaving. Our Stock Service is available in all Michell stores in Arequipa - Lima - Cusco.

Natural & Dyed Colours
- Baby Alpaca · 2/16nm, 2/28nm, 4/9nm
- FS Alpaca · 2/16nm, 3/10nm
- Baby Silk · 2/30nm
- Caraveli · 1/5nm
- Caraveli Brushed · 1/5nm
- Grosso Fancy Chaine 1/2.5nm
- Inca Spun Roving Sport 1/3nm
- Ica · 3/12nm, 2/28nm

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Stock Service A/W 16-17

Alpaca & Blends


A selection of natural tones in Baby Alpaca, FS Alpaca and blends are available for quick delivery from Hong Kong.

Luxurious Baby Alpaca


In the 40’s, Michell had already established itself as a pioneer in the industrialisation of Alpaca fibre, producing Alpaca yarns for both hand and machine knitting...