Collection of Alpaca Tops

Alpaca fibre is valued because of its natural properties. The combination of a unique and severe climate and a diet low in protein permit the Alpaca to grow fine hair which is comparable in quality to other special fibres such as cashmere, angora and mohair. 

A luxurious ethnic fibre

Alpaca Fibre

Alpaca is a soft, silky and durable fibre which has remarkable thermal properties due to microscopic air bubbles inside the hairs. These bubbles allow the user to breathe through the fibres on hot days and, in the same way, retain body heat when it’s cold. Alpaca hair comes in more than 15 natural shades, which makes it an interesting alternative for the principal designers around the world.

The versatility of Alpaca fibre means it can be transformed into knitted garments such as jumpers, cardigans, suits, coats, capes, gloves, hats, scarves, shawls, stoles and even carpets.

Discover the Michell Tops Alpaca Collection in the following cards:
Alpaca Tops

Colour Card

Alpaca Tops

Colour Card

A special characteristic of Alpaca fibre is its wide range of natural colours (there are 15 basic shades) and a multitude of shades which can be obtained through careful blending. This puts Alpaca fibre in a class of its own in comparison to other natural fibres. 

BL SUPER - SuperBaby Alpaca 19/20 mic

BL - Baby Alpaca 21.5/22.5 mic

FS - Fine Shipping Alpaca 25.5/26.5 mic

MS - MS Alpaca 27/27.5 mic

HZ - Huarizo 30/32 mic

AG - Coarse Alpaca 32/34 mic

SU - Suri Alpaca 26/27 mic

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Alpaca & Blends


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100% Natural Yarn Colours


Alpaca fibre is a creation of nature. The Peruvian Andes were our initial source of fibre but they also quickly became our source of inspiration.