Obtaining the Certificate of Fair Trade for Good Practices

In May 2019 we set ourselves the challenge of achieving the Fair Trade Certification for Good Practices and today we are proud to have obtained it. In this time of crisis, it is important for us to communicate that we stand firm on these principles, which we will now share with you.

April 28, 2020

This certification is provided by Promperú, an entity part of the Peruvian Foreign Trade and Tourism Ministry. To achieve it, we decided to make an analysis of our processes and policies and to align them to the standards required by the certification. This has been a path of growth and evaluation of our business management. We are the first top making and spinning mill in Peru to obtain this certification and today we want to share with you what it is about.

The Fair Trade is a solidary, equitable and ethical model, which seeks to provide fair benefits to each of the parties involved in the production process of a product or service.

These criteria have been set by the World Fair Trade Organization. 10 principles govern the Fair Trade for Good Practices, which are:

1. Good working conditions. We guarantee that our collaborators work in healthy and safe environments, and implements for their well-being, as well as train them to incorporate principles related to safety and health in their daily work. We offer them all the labour benefits established by law.

2. Development of capacities. We constantly train our employees, so that they can do their work more efficiently.

3. Creation of opportunities for the community. We seek to generate development opportunities for various sectors of the community related to us, for example:

a. Michell Art Contest: We contribute to the rescue and evolution of the Peruvian weaver, an artist who bases his work on millinery techniques from the Coast, Highlands, and Jungle. This year we celebrate the 40th edition.

b. Mirasol School: Since 2009 the children of the alpaca breeders' families in the area of Muñani - Puno, live together from Monday to Friday in this boarding school, where they learn and develop their skills with painting, music, weaving workshops and among others.

c. APU Project: We empower women from the communities of Ajoyani, Antauta, and Queracucho in Puno by providing them with training in quality standards along with a platform to market their handmade yarns with fair benefits.

d. Hilando Verde" project: this project, that means Green Spinning, seeks to plant trees in the city of Arequipa, to reduce our carbon footprint and most importantly to provide a source of oxygen to the city of Arequipa. To date, we have supported the 28 de Julio community in Cerro Colorado, where we have planted and we are overseeing the growth of 1000 trees on the outskirts of the city. Besides, we have carried out a second planting in the district of Socabaya, with more than 150 trees. We seek to replicate this initiative in future plantings during the year and in a second stage at Cerro Colorado.

4. Transparency and responsibility. We have implemented and improved our internal and external communication processes to provide clear, complete, and timely information to those who need it.

5. Fair business practices. We verify that there are no abusive practices with suppliers, which they are complied with in their payments. Similarly, we seek to have long-term business relationships with them.

6. Promotion of Good Fair Trade Practices. We believe that it is our responsibility to raise awareness among others inside and outside the organization about Good Fair Trade Practices and their impact on business management, and we take action to achieve this.

7. Payment of the Fair price. We guarantee that prices cover the costs of production, which the labour force receives a fair remuneration and that behind a low price, there is no exploitative labour scheme.

8. No discrimination. We guarantee equal opportunities inside the company: We make no distinction of gender, ethnicity or beliefs.

9. No to child labour. We encourage children to study, play and live with dignity, avoiding any form of child labour or exploitation.

10. Respect for the environment. We seek to protect the environment with low-impact production techniques, promoting the responsible consumption of resources, as well as the reuse, recycling, and reduction of raw materials in business and production management.

It is by implementing changes and improvements in each of these points that we have managed to meet the criteria of this certification and obtain it. We have worked to reach more efficient and responsible management with our customers, employees, suppliers, and community, joining efforts to obtain this certification, achieving once again to be pioneers, being the first top maker and yarn spinner to be certified. Therefore we are honoured to receive and celebrate this as another accomplishment of each of our collaborators.

To them, as always, we recognize this as many other achievements. During these uncertain and unstable times caused by the global COVID-19 crisis, it is more important than ever for us to maintain these Good Fair Trade Practices in our company. We maintain our solidary commitment with our community: suppliers, clients and employees, as well as the society as a whole.