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As part of our sustainability programmes we are aiming to reduce and compensate our CO2 footprint and emissions. Therefore, we have started with two actions that are having a positive impact on the environment: first one was to change our energy base from petrol to natural gas, and the second one is arborization project called "Hilado Verde".


During the second half of 2018 we decided to change our energy base to heat the water, for both our scouring and dyeing plants, from petrol to natural gas. This initiative was thanks to the access to source natural gas which is produced in Peru.

According to the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, natural gas is today the cleanest burning fossil fuel, since it reduces smog, the greenhouse effect and acid rains. By changing our energy base at Michell, we are producing around 25 to 27% less CO2 than our former energy base of petrol.


In 2019 we started our Hilando Verde, our arborization project which means “Green Spinning”. With this project we want to plant trees and take care of their growth, to combat climate change and again reduce our footprint.

The first stage of this project took place on September 29th, 2019, in which we planted 1,000 molle trees on the periphery of the city of Arequipa.


With this initiative, in addition to planting trees, we are ensuring water for irrigation, using hydrogel and drip irrigation technologies to only use the necessary amount of water, and guarantee the growth of trees in the area. The implementation of this water system, as well as the project funding, have been our responsibility.

In this first effort, we planted trees in a strategic area of Cerro Colorado, Arequipa, protecting the surrounding area from possible future floods and preserving the flora and fauna of Salinas y Aguada Blanca National Reserve, a protected natural area. The implementation of these water systems, as well as the project funding, have been founded by Michell


With these trees, we are directly benefiting the Community of 28 de Julio, inhabitants of the area, who were part of the plantation and currently are collaborating to take care of the trees. Also, the city of Arequipa will benefit from these new trees, since they will provide oxygen and transform the area into a green and fresh place, where it was once an arid zone.

Our latest Hilando Verde project took place February 15th, 2020, another district of Arequipa, Socabaya, where we have planted 150 trees which were mainly Fresno trees as well as some fruit trees. We also installed the corresponding water system to make sure they grow as planned.

We will continue with the project Hilando Verde during 2020 as we aim to plant more trees. These initiatives were made possible thanks to the support of the Provincial Municipality of Arequipa, Cerro Colorado and Socabaya, as well as the National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR), the GeaGreen group and all the volunteers from different organisations and from Michell.

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