Michell Art Contest

Peruvian National Art Contest

Michell has organised the “Michell Art Contest” for the past 39 years and today it is considered among the best art competitions in Peru. This competition began when the Michell family travelled to Cabanaconde, close to the Colca Canyon in Arequipa. There they came across several artists with great talent who painted in watercolours. This inspired the Michell family to organise the first art contest in 1980, with the sole purpose of supporting and motivating the development of a greater number of talented Peruvian artists with limited economic resources.


Years later, the contest has widened to include oil painting and acrylics, and in 2006, Michell decided to include a new technique, one which is related directly to pre-Incan cultures and the company: textiles. Since then, the Michell Art Contest, as it is known now, has gained even greater relevance, since the idea is to show and diffuse the talent of these textile artists who are mainly to be found in the Peruvian Highlands.



Galería de Arte "Mundo Alpaca"
Juan de la Torre 101 San Lázaro Arequipa

Galería Museo Textil
Pre-Colombino AMANO
Calle Retiro 160 | Miraflores | Lima
Altura cuadra 11 de Av. Angamos Oeste