A/W 16-17

Michell Collection of Alpaca Yarns for Hand Knitting

The collection of yarns for Hand Knitting has been created as a result of an exhaustive study of hand knitting tendencies around the world, combining special yarn structures and resulting in an innovative selection of yarns. However, this proposal can always be modified and personalised in accordance with specific requirements regarding blends, counts and presentations from each client.

Discover the collection of Hand Knitting yarns in the following cards:
Hand Knitting


Hand Knitting


The Overview Card for Hand Knitting is a summary displaying all the yarns we develop and offer for the Autumn/Winter season, with thicker counts capable of inspiring hand knitters to create beautiful garments and accessories in Alpaca and other blends. Our selection of yarns is divided into three lines: Natural, Fusion and Rustic.

Hand Knitting

Colour Trend

Hand Knitting

Colour Trend

The colours presented in our cards are carefully chosen for each card in such a way that the colour, diverse forms and textures are interlinked to form a beautiful collection of yarns, each with its own personality.

In the Colour Trend Card for Hand Knitting you will find a wide range of colours proposed for the following articles:

1- Gold Alpaca Heaven
2- Baby Pima Cumulus
3- Paita
4- Baby Merino Onde
5- Baby Merino Linen Bulky
6- Baby Merino Cinta
7- Extra Merino Baby SilkSport

8- Baby Merino Furlight
9- Tomilla
10- Sulco Cinta
11- Indiecita Aran
12- Motupe
13- Rimac Lace
14- Barranco
15- Meritones

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Michell Alpaca Yarns Collection A/W 16-17

Alpaca & Blends


For this new season, Michell presents its new collection of yarns specially designed for weaving or industrial knitting.

100% Natural Yarn Colours


Alpaca fibre is a creation of nature. The Peruvian Andes were our initial source of fibre but they also quickly became our source of inspiration. 

Alpaca y Blends A/W


These collections offer a wide range of classic and fantasy yarns in pure Alpaca, Wool and special blends using other natural fibres such as mohair, angora...