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As part of our commitment to become a more sustainable company, we have obtained the following certifications, which proves not only to become sustainable but also to be a transparent company.

At Michell we are aligning ourselves to global criteria that ensure the organic condition of our textile products; from the procurement of raw materials to the correct labeling of the product. With this awareness in mind, we have achieved certification with the Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which includes ecological and social criteria that guarantee the safety of our products for people and the environment. For the consumer, GOTS means the highest standard of transparency in our production system.
The secret is in the details, and at Michell we know this well. That is why Interwoollabs certification guarantees us as a company that takes care of its product in terms of the fineness of its yarns. Twice a year, our fineness determination laboratory undergoes rigorous blind sample analysis tests, which are evaluated and compared with different laboratories that also participate in these tests.
The product offered by Michell y Cía. is completely harmless to human health.
From the raw material to the yarn, Michell ensures that there is no trace of harmful substances for human beings. It is thanks to this that we can proudly say that we have the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification, which ensures that textile companies comply with essential requirements that prevent the final product from being harmful to people.
Basing our operations on the 10 principles of fair trade, which guarantee equitable benefits for all parties involved in the production process, the company has been certified by Peru Fair Trade since 2020. To have this certification, we have demonstrated that our production activities involve responsible actions for our employees, society and the environment; so that a chain of mutual benefit is created between them.
At Michell we care about implementing measures that allow us to identify and take actions regarding the impact that the company generates on the environment.

Our first step in doing so was the first measurement of our Carbon Footprint according to the international standard which was finished in May 2022. The object of this measurement was to quantify our direct and indirect CO2 emissions, including the breeding of alpacas, production processes, transport of personnel, travels, electricity, transport of materials, among others. The measurement of the carbon footprint is the base of a series of strategies that we are setting to offset our emissions in the short, medium and long term.
Michell is certified to the RAS, which verifies alpaca animal welfare and land management requirements and tracks it from farm to final product. For further information please visit:

Michell is certified to the RWS, which verifies wool animal welfare and land management requirements and tracks it from farm to final product. For further information please visit: https://textileexchange.org/standards/responsible-wool