Michell Labs
Mid A/W 24-25
Yarn Collection

The relaunch of Michell Labs brings with it the MID A/W 24-25 collection.

With unique yarns, the new collection is based on alternative effects, textures and colors that our Research and Development team has developed for fall/winter, making clear our commitment to cover every season of the year with innovative and high quality products.

Michell Labs is an exclusive platform where we offer special collections that will inspire your imagination and bring a particular character to each of your projects.

MID A/W 24-25 presents 8 new offers for machine knitting and 7 dedicated to hand knitting.

If you wish to contact us about this collection, or to coordinate a sample, we are happy to help you through our direct sales channels:

Hand Knitting: Raúl Rivera (rrivera@michell.com)
Machine Knitting: Mauricio Portocarrero (mportocarrero@michell.com)