Environmental Commitment

Being sustainable

Our planet is experiencing critical years and needs a high degree of awareness on the part of human beings if we want to preserve it biodiversity.

Being sustainable also means being proactive with initiatives that care about our environment and see the ways to reduce the impact on our world. Among our initiatives, we share with you our recent ones that are focusing on the responsible breeding of alpacas, measurement of our CO2 emissions, water treatment plant and how these are the starting points to reduce our impact over our land.

Organic Farming

Back in 2015 we took the decision to become the first farm in the world to offer a certified organic Alpaca fiber. We decided to certify our farm which is the largest private alpaca farm in Peru, where we have over 4,000 alpacas in an area of more than 3,000 hectares in the Puno region.

We are the only certified private farm worldwide, up to date, that is certified organic. This certification covers the land, the animal and fiber.

We will continue with the project Hilando Verde during the upcoming years as we aim to plant more trees. These initiatives were made possible thanks to the support of the Provincial Municipality of Arequipa, Cerro Colorado and Socabaya, as well as the National Forest and Wildlife Service (SERFOR), the GeaGreen Group and all the volunteers from different organisations, universities and from Michell.

Water Treatment Plant

Our Michell water treatment plant at the scouring mill was installed back in 2017, and it aims to treat the water before it is disposed to the tributaries.

With an investment of almost US$1million, this is a state-of-the-art water treatment plant that can process 1,200m3 per day, using a chemical and physical system known as Dissolved Air Flotation, which helps us meeting and surpassing the water disposal regulations set by the Peruvian government.