Where the Alpaca fiber comes from

Traceability is all about sharing with you where the Alpaca fiber comes from, therefore you can see the positive economic impact you do when using our alpaca tops or yarns. We are also working, for the near future, to provide traceability for other natural fibers we work with.

In this way, we have devised a series of lines based on technological improvements that have been developed in our plants, which seek to go a step further in terms of innovation in the textile industry. We also cover traceability and the certifications we currently carry.

Traceability Circle

We share the traceability circle of Michell products, which starts from the Alpaca breeding in the Peruvian highlands all the way to the packing of our products - Tops and/or Yarns.

All the processes that go through from the fiber sorting to yarn spinning are entirely made at our Michell facilities in Arequipa, Peru.

We launched a traceability programme that allows you to trace your yarns to the the origin: region, village and in some cases to the farm.

Let's start the journey of tracing the fiber used in your tops or yarns. Our traceabiliy systems works from lots starting October 2019 onwards. Older lots can be traceable upon request

Click on this link to know our traceability system and the origin of your lot.