About us

Pioneers in the Alpaca Industry

Pioneer, leader, innovative and passionate are some words that described Michell today after recently celebrating our 90th anniversary of being pioneers and leaders in the production of Alpaca tops and yarns around the world.

About us

Pioneers in the Alpaca Industry

The Michell family has been involved in the Alpaca industry since the beginning of the 1920’s. However, it wasn’t until 1931 that Mr. Frank W. Michell founded Michell & Cía. in Arequipa, where he began as a sorter and exporter of greasy Alpaca fibre.

Frank W. Michell Founder of Michell & CIA. S.A. Puno, Peru - 1930
“In Life making plans and acting upon them is important, but is vital to dream and believe in your dreams” Frank W. Michell
Founder of Michell & CIA. S.A.
Passion for Alpaca since 1931

The name Michell is recognized and associated with the finest Alpaca tops and yarns in the main markets of Asia, Europe, North and South America.

Nevertheless, with the aim of maintaining our reputation and leadership in the industry, we are continuing to invest and implement quality programmes to ensure the continual improvement of all the stages of production right up to the service it provides to its clients.

Pioneers in the Alpaca Industry

The first few years were difficult, but the effort and ingenuity put into offering the textile industry in the New World something other than raw Alpaca fibre, helped to develop the art and science of the classification of the fibre.

The raw materials were gathered in the southern sierra of the country, hand sorted, transported by train to the port of Mollendo before being shipped to the main textile destinations such as Bradford in the United Kingdom and Boston in North America.

Our First Factory in Peru

The close contact with the international markets highlights the need to advance beyond the export of raw materials and in the 1940’s Frank´s dream becomes reality.

In 1947, we set up the first combing and spinning plant in Peru and in so doing, created and established the standard for the Alpaca industry today, not just in Peru, but all over the world.

Years later, Mr. Michell’s idea to increase the value of Alpaca fibre was successfully undertaken through the selective breeding of Alpaca, the improvement of industrial processes such as washing, carding, combing, spinning, dyeing and weaving, as well as providing a close customer relation with the customers.

With 90 years in the industry, Michell & Cía. has achieved an undisputable consolidation. From its outset with Mr. Frank W. Michell at its head, who knew how to set such an important company on the right path with the support of his children and grandchildren.


Later, from since the late 1970´s through the early 2000s, the legacy of Frank was passed to his visionary son Michael W. Michell, who promoted Alpaca fibre in several countries in North America, Europa and Asia.

Thanks for Michael the name of Michell started to know and related to the finest peruvian alpaca. Furthermore, he hired and trained highly capable collaborators, invested in more modern production facilities, improved manufacturing processes and adopted a culture of change with the aim of adapting and responding to the ever-changing needs of the world market.

The later the company legacy started to by carried by Derek Michell, the grand son of Frank. Thanks for this leadership and all the collaborators, we are proud to say that since 2014 we are the best years since our foundations in terms of production and turnover.

All of us at Michell feel that 90 years is just the beginning of our story, and everyone is more motivated than ever to continue sharing the finest Peruvian Alpaca to world.

Our First 90 Years

2021 is the year where we are celebrating our first 90 years! It has been a surprising journey and one which began when Mr. Frank Michell became aware of the sumptuousness of Alpaca fibre and its unequalled qualities. His passion for this high quality, noble fibre led him to spread the finest Alpaca fibre throughout the world.

All of us at Michell are very motivated and feel that this journey of the first 90 years has only just begun. Despite the incredible achievements of the past, we believe that there is still a long road ahead which will lead us to spread our passion for Alpaca all over the world.